Pharmaceutical Projects

Fermentation Skid

PP&L installs utilities (steam, water, gases) into the fermenter with sanitary connections and a product transfer line.

Reactor Piping

PP&L installs reactor Teflon line piping.

Plate and Frame Exchanger

PP&L completes plate and frame exchanger in a mechanical room.

Rooftop Installation

Our team completes the chilled water supply and return, with glycol supply and return. This project also includes steam, condensate, compressed air and drain piping.

Deionized Water Distribution

PP&L installs deionized water, orbital welding, process piping and sanitary piping.

Mechanical Room Installation

Our team completes a process piping and sanitary piping project.

Deionized Water Storage

Water Purification

Building Reheat System

PP&L installs steam and condensate piping.

WFI Water System

Our team installs UV light sanitizer.

Process Water

PP&L helps with a new water purification system.

Lab Systems

PP&L provides exhaust piping and lab gases.

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